Rate Increase

Those of you who have been with my practice for a while may have noticed that some things stay remarkably consistent: my blue walls, my tiny cups of water, and my hourly rate, which has stayed the same for five years now. Due to inflation, my rent and business expenses have gone up significantly, and I need to change my pricing to reflect this.

The short version:

NEW Massage Rates:
1 Hour: $120*
90 Minutes: $180
75 Minutes: $150
45 Minutes: $90
30 Minutes: $65

These prices will take effect on May 8th, 2019. Any appointment you have already booked and prepaid for will be at the existing rate. You can book any massages you want here

*I will continue offering a discount on 1-hour and 75 minute massages to full-time students and folks who work full-time food service jobs. The way to book with this pricing is to type in the discount code FULLTIME.

Thank you for all your support and for making my massage practice a success. I couldn't do it without you!