Hi, I'm Abi. Welcome to my Massage Therapy page!

Feel free to read all about my work here on my website. What are you hoping massage can help you with? Whether it's headaches, chronic pain, the discomforts of pregnancy, anxiety and trauma responses, stiffness or pain from a new sport, TMJ disfunction or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I'm happy to help. Use the links on the left to explore the site!

You can always call or email me if you have any specific questions or just want to chat before you book your massage.

Gift Certificates are available! Contact me at abi@abiharpermassage.com to buy one!


Chair Massage


Call or email if you'd like to offer chair massage at your event or workplace. I am sometimes able to provide chair massage-for-donation at charity events for causes I feel strongly about.




Sometimes I teach classes! No classes are currently on the schedule


Birth Doula

Right now I'm accepting doula clients who are friends or existing massage clients. I have attended births since I completed my ALACE training in 2003.