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Abi Harper, LMT has been in practice since 2001 and is focused on treatment that is tailored specifically to each client. She uses a variety of technique, including Muscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Prenatal Massage and Zero Balancing.

Abi's massage is relaxing and effective, treating the tension and pain you're tired of having in a safe and healing environment, at a pace that supports deep embodied integration. She enjoys working with orthopedic injuries, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ Dysfunction and Sciatica as well as doing stress reduction and the work of assisting clients as they learn to be present and comfortable in their bodies. Abi welcomes clients of all sizes, genders, races and sexual orientations, and is committed to a world where we can be healthy at every size.

When she's not doing massage, Abi enjoys cooking, making music and her volunteer work at Girls Rock Campaign Boston and at BARCC (the Boston-Area Rape Crisis Center).


What people say about my work




Thanks so much for an amazing massage today. My body felt great and my hips felt much freer walking home. Just what I needed!"

  -- Rachel G., Somerville

"I didn't understand how unique Abi's work was until I left Boston. I've never found anybody better in Northern or Southern California after years of trying"

-- RLM, San Jose

 "The first time I saw Abi, I was surprised by her professionalism--she's like any other sort of medical professional, whose job happens to be to make your muscles feel better. She's great at asking questions that get at what exactly you want to get out of your massage, and knowing just the right technique to give it to you. Whether you need pain relieved in your arms from RSI, kinks removed in your neck from a long ski trip, or just a bit of luxurious relaxation, Abi can provide, and in a relaxing and comfortable setting. I always leave her office feeling energized in muscles I'd forgotten ever existed, and I always look forward to going back."

   — Michael O'Kelly, MIT Grad Student

"I've been receiving bodywork for over 20 years. This is by far the very best.  I felt instantly protected and pampered the first time I was on Abi's table.  She was able to zoom in on my problem areas without me saying much.  She also seems to know intuitively how to help me ease my discomfort.  I highly recommend Abi.  I think of her treatments as an integral part of keeping me healthy."

    -- Maggie S.  IT Project Manager

"I came to Abi for relief from occasional tension in my right forearm and shoulders. Her thorough, thoughtful treatment definitely helped to relieve the tension I was experiencing. More importantly, she helped me gain insight into the way I was moving that contributed to the tension. Since my session with Abi, I have had a significant reduction in tension in the areas that she addressed. I often catch myself in the act of tightening the muscles she worked on, and am able to relax them and carry out my work with greater comfort and ease. I would recommend Abi to anyone who is looking to relieve stress and strain, and to deepen their understanding of their body."

   — Jessica Newman, Feldenkrais Practitioner

"About a week after I separated my calf muscle I came for a massage with Abi. I could barely walk and was getting around on crutches. I was expecting the massage to reduce my pain somewhat, or at least take my mind off it and to relax the tension caused by the pain. I was completely amazed by the effects of Abi's massage. When the massage was over, I found I didn't need to rely on my crutches. After a second massage, I was able to go dancing again! I really appreciated that Abi was able to give the strongest possible massage to my injured leg without causing any pain. Plus, it felt great!"

   -- Andy Latto, Engineer


"I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my right hand when I was 16, and as a computer professional, I thought that pain in my wrist was going to be a fact for the rest of my life.  Abi was able to address the muscular tension that was keeping me in pain and work with me to figure out what environmental factors were aggravating it.  She kept me in one piece through the extra-long hours of the job I described as "my abusive boyfriend".  I've moved across the country, so I can't see her regularly anymore, but I always make an appointment when I'm in town."

   -- Courtney E., Computer Professional