Information for Massage On Snow Days

Hello Readers!

I hope you are weathering the snow and the cold and the narrow sidewalks and the endless digging. I know that trying to have a schedule-as-usual with the arctic vortexing around us is difficult, so I wanted to let you know how I plan to work with big snowstorms for as long as they keep happening this winter.

If You Have A Massage Scheduled On A Big Snow Day:

If you have a massage scheduled on a day that the weather forecast worries you, it's easy to cancel your massage online with no problem 24 hours before your appointment. In citywide-shutdown conditions (when they close the T and the government tells us all to really stay home), I will shut down too. For snow days when the T is still running, I plan to be at the office. If you don't cancel your appointment and  conditions are worse than you thought and you can't make it in safely, I can reschedule your appointments more last-minute for severe weather. Just call me at 617-797-6995 or email as soon as you know you can't make it, and we'll find a different day for you when travel is safer. 

If You Live Close By And Want A Massage On A Snow Day:

For clients who are happy to be out on foot (or snowshoes or dogsled), I'm starting a snow-day massage standby list. Maybe you'd like some ease and relaxation and stretch for your shoveling muscles or your snowbank-vaulting muscles, or your falling-down muscles? I expect cancellations today (Monday) and if you'd like to be contacted for a last-minute massage appointment, please email with your email address or phone (whichever you think you're more likely to notice quickly) and what kind of times you might be interested in. I'll contact people in order of response and whoever confirms first gets the appointment!

Be well, stay warm, and lift with your legs.