It's my Tenthaversary!

The short version: This is my 10-year anniversary of offering a holiday gift certificate special! Click here to get a 1-hour gift certificate for $70. This rate is only for clients and friends, or whoever you want to forward this email to as a non-subtle hint. This rate will not be available on my website, but you can buy these from me in person and through the link below.
Buy Discounted Gift Certificates Through January 1st, 2013!

The long version: I have been in this business since 2001, when I graduated from massage school, but I really started my practice as it exists now when I ran my first holiday gift certificate special in 2002. I had just signed the lease at 335 Broadway and started seeing clients in the same tiny blue office I'm still using. December of that year I ran my first gift certificate special, emailing all my local friends to offer them $50 gift certificates (a $20 savings) for gift certificates for their friends and loved ones. I used a email address, and I didn't have a website or matching sheets yet. I was very excited to be starting my business, which I already had decided would be committed to treating the discomforts and injuries that prevent dedicated people from doing what they love.  I wanted my practice to be a place where clients of all shapes, sizes, identities and states of health would be treated with warmth,humor and respect to promote the possibility of healing change. The style of massage I do has evolved over the past decade as I've learned new skills, but my intention to make massage safe, effective and enjoyable has driven every choice. It warms my heart that some of you who received that first batch of gift certificates* are reading this email and still come into my office every so often when your neck doesn't turn or your headache starts throbbing again. As a thank you to everyone who has come in and helped me have the most rewarding career that I can imagine as a massage therapist, I'm selling gift certificates at the original 2002 price of $70 for an hour. You can buy them by clicking this link or in my office in person. The price on the website won't change, but you can forward this email to anybody who might be interested in buying gift certificates this season. Whether you buy them from me or someone else, they are a great present for someone who could use more relaxation than stuff this year, and are a great way to buy something locally produced!

I'm looking forward to another 10 years here in Cambridge, and I wish you all a great relaxed rest of 2012!