Massage when you have PTSD

A lot of us have traumatic pasts that make the idea of getting massage scary. When our bodies haven't been safe in the past, less-trauma literate massage can be a recipe for triggering or re-traumatization. When it is safe and you feel ready to include massage in your healing, it can be a powerful force for good. Trauma can live in our muscles the way that old leftovers can live in the fridge. Trauma-informed massage can help us clear out the old alarming tupperwares and clean the shelves to make room for new, more positive life in our bodies.

What is Trauma?


Safe Space in a Massage


Ongoing, well-established, secure therapeutic relationship

Currently living in safety

Taking Care of yourself after a massage/between treatments


To use massage technique that is evidence-based and kind to help people with their pain that is caused by chronic tension or postural imbalance and give them information and support that is appropriate to their lives at any life stage or state of health where massage can benefit them.



To help my clients whose bodies have not been safe or comfortable places find their way home, in a slow, safe way that they are 100% in control of. To help my clients practice experiencing touch that feels good and learn language skills for communicating about touch. I do this in the context of evidence-based, orthopedically-educated massage that respects the mystery and miraculousness of healing. I truly believe this is world-changing